LamaBread IS BORN
from my passion
for the Bread and the

Through my carvings I wanted to express the love and passion for an art to the maximum.


For this reason, the instrument also had to represent me, adapt to my technical but also "aesthetic" needs, representing my past, my present, and an ever-evolving future.


This can explain the philosophy that has guided my work and every Lama I have thought and produced.


This is why from the beginning I did not consider it just a simple "tool", but an object that, if necessary, I could give to friends who shared my same passion.

because of thisI have italways called
"He loves bread"

I had never worked with wood when in December 2019 I carved pieces of wood with carpenter's knives for the first time.


For 26 years I have been a jeweler, but also a goldsmith. What I was creating had to be themy jewel. Unique and original.


I don't know how long it took before I made my first three blades and their respective boxes, which I proudly donated to four of my dear friends, bakers like me, immediately afterwards.


In January 2020 my small, personal artisan production of blades had already started, which not even the Covid pandemic was able to stop.

THE REST is a story that represents my present, in continuous evolution.

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