The cases / casket
they're important
as much as the content


All the boxes are made using only precious solid woods, in three different essences, of different colors.

The woods of the boxes are matched to the blade according to the color,
and therefore in contrast to highlight its beauty.

  • The dark brown solid Walnut case is combined with the light colored solid Olive wood blade;

  • The light-colored solid oak casket is combined with the solid dark brown walnut blade and also with the intense red padouk solid wood blade;

  • The box in solid Zebrano, light brown in color with evident dark brown streaks, is combined with the solid Padouk blade, for a very contemporary contrast.

The originality of the box is in its side opening, which allows you to always leave its precious contents visible, even when the lid is closed.


Lama Bread is an artifact that was also born out of the desire and need to identify our passion.

For this reason, through very precise and accurate laser engravers, we can customize our blades and cases, such as the name, first and last name, stage name, initials and in some cases even a logo or a brand.

Customization requests are always evaluated by Lamabread, which establishes their feasibility based on the request and the type of blade chosen.

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